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Penetration Testing

Protect your data and networks
before it's too late

At STP Ventures, we understand that each business has unique cybersecurity needs. Whether you opt for our Automated Penetration Testing for quick and regular assessments or our On-Premise Penetration Testing for a more in-depth analysis, we are dedicated to providing solutions that not only identify risks but also help in fortifying your cyber defenses. Our aim is to make your digital environment as impervious to threats as possible.

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Advantages of
our pentesting

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Reliable Performance

Our approach utilizes both automated and manual testing tailored to your specific requirements. Each method yields precise risk assessments, with manual testing offering an in-depth examination for comprehensive insights.

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Budget Reduction

Our strategy employs both automated and manual testing to align with your financial constraints. This flexible approach minimizes costs by efficiently allocating resources where they're most effective.

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Increased Frequency

Our automated solution sets a new industry standard by enabling up to 12x more pentests annually, far surpassing the industry norm of just once a year. This ensures continuous security monitoring and improvement in practical timelines.

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Leading Credentials

Our pentesting efforts are spearheaded by a Certified Ethical Hacker, guaranteeing that each automated and manual test we conduct is guided by profound expertise and ethical standards

Types of Pentesting

Our capabilities extend across a wide spectrum of pentesting types, from network and application to cloud and IoT systems, ensuring comprehensive security assessments tailored to your specific environment. Leveraging advanced tools and methodologies, we identify vulnerabilities across any platform, providing targeted insights and actionable recommendations for strengthening your cybersecurity defenses.

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Network Pentesting - white/gray/black

Our team expertly conducts network pentesting by simulating cyber attacks on your network infrastructure to uncover vulnerabilities. Utilizing the latest tools and methodologies, we provide detailed insights for fortifying your network security.

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Application Pentesting

Our specialists apply rigorous testing to your web and mobile applications, identifying security weaknesses and logic flaws. Through comprehensive analysis, we offer actionable recommendations to enhance application security and resilience.

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Hosting Infrastructure Pentesting

Our hosting environment pentesting evaluates your hosted servers and services for vulnerabilities, ensuring robust security against breaches. We leverage advanced techniques to pinpoint risks, providing tailored solutions to secure your hosting environment.

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Wireless Network Pentesting

Through wireless pentesting, our team assesses the security of your Wi-Fi networks, identifying susceptibilities to eavesdropping and unauthorized access. We deliver strategic advice to strengthen wireless security and protect sensitive data.

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Cloud Infrastructure Pentesting

Our cloud infrastructure pentesting rigorously examines your cloud platforms for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, ensuring your data remains secure across all cloud services. We provide precise recommendations to enhance your cloud security posture.

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Social Engineering

In our social engineering pentesting, we test human vulnerabilities by simulating phishing, pretexting, and other deceptive attacks. This approach helps strengthen your team's awareness and response strategies against real-world threats.

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Our Values

Ready to
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Protect your business from cyber threats with STP Ventures. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you stay safe online.

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